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Tax Preparation Fees Estimates

(This is in accordance with Federal & State Consumers Law and our Attorneys/Lawyers advice).

We prepare Basic and Complex Tax Returns for Individuals and Business Owners in 13 states in the USA and 5 foreign countries. Taxpayers can file their tax returns today and pay the filing fee at the office or online with Cash, Check, and Major Credit Cards. Payment by Check and Credit Card is subject to acceptance and clearance at your bank.

Payment online is fast, easy, and secure; and clients  will receive a receipt immediately if they include their e-mail address on the payment form. Clients must notify us when they make a payment.

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Tax Refunds

The TAXING AUTHORITIES will deposit your first tax refund into your bank account Within 7-14 working days, from the date your tax return(s) were e-filed. You can check your Federal tax refund by logging on the IRS website:

***NOTE:- If we used to withdraw tax preparation fee from your tax refund, that service is temporarily  DISCONTINUED because the IRS is not revealing the EXACT date TAXPAYERS  tax refunds will be DEPOSITED in THEIR bank account. That situation is too unpredictable for us. Hence, you are now required to pay us with CASH, CHECK, OR CREDIT CARD when we prepare your tax return. Sorry for this inconvenience!!! 


Individual Tax Preparation Fee

(Fee is charged on a Case-by-Case basis)

Tax preparation fee is tax deductible. The fee is an investment you made to minimize your taxes and maximize your refunds, in addition to getting part of the fee return to you in your tax refund(s).

#1) Basic Individual Tax Return Preparation:- The Minimum Fee is $200 to prepare and e-file a Federal and One State tax return if a client has a Form W-2 and no dependent. The fee is also $200 if a Federal and State tax return include Earned Income Credit and Education Credit; or Earned Income Credit and Child & Dependent Care Credit (babysitter/day care).

#2) Itemized and Complex Tax Return Preparation for Middle and High Income Individuals:- You have a lot of work to get done. Let's start doday!! The fee is charge on a case-by-case basis. The fee can be a Flat Fee; or a fee that is based on result (Performance-based Compensation). The Fee Starts at $200 and Increases in accordance with your tax reporting requirements AS FOLLOWS:-

a) If you are required to itemized tax deductions such as, job related expenses, Mortgage interest, property taxes, Debt Cancellation, Repossession & Foreclosure, Forms K1, Stocks & Bonds sold, Savings interest, Dividends, Charitable contributions, Office-at-home deductions, Foreign earned income, Residential energy credit, Moving expenses, Reporting Foreign Assets, Alimony paid or received, Gambling & Winnings, and Losses incurred as a result of accident, fire, hurricane, flood, and theft.

If you are required to itemize income and expenses for Residential, Rental and Commercial property that you own; or if you are adding a new property that you bought; or if you sold a Residential, Rental, and Commercial property.


If you are required to file part year/change of residency; or required to file more than one state tax return.

***Those are the standards that SOME companies used to price their services in the Income Tax Industry ("Industry norm").

  ***NOTE: Fees/prices are subject to change even if you had filed the same tax forms last year. In the same manner like every product, service, and commodity on the market.


Business Tax Preparation Fee

(C-Corp., S-Corp., LLC., Partnership, and Sole-proprietorship)

You have a lot of work to get done. Let's start today!! The Minimum Fee for preparing a Business tax return is $1,200.00 if the business owner takes responsibility for the book-keeping work and give us the Business Annual Gross Income and an Analysis of the Business Annual Operating Expenses

Business Tax returns MUST reach the IRS & State on or before March 15. Hence, the information to prepare them should be given to us on or before March 01. Those tax returns take time to prepare and we may have to do research to complete themYou are liable for paying late filing penalties to the IRS & State if we receive your documents  after March 01. Other Accountants are making similar request.

We will ensure the business owner(s) save thousands of dollars in taxes by taking EVERY business Tax Credit, Deduction, Exemption and Exclusion that is available for Businesses under the new tax laws. Tax return(s) are prepared Quickly and Accurately; and we put our Track-Record and Reputation behind ALL our work.  For Regular Business Clients, post-dated fee payment(s) will be cashed on the prescribed date(s) that you have reasonably chosen. Payment(s) are subject to acceptance and clearance at your bank. 

With us in your corner, you will always have a knowledgeable and valuable resource to turn to for practical and profitable business and financial advice in your industry and in other industries. Written testimonials we have obtained during our annual clients surveys are overwhelmingly impressive.


What EVERY client must know

1) Letter from the IRS or State: - Our clients seldom get audited. However, if you receive a letter from the IRS or State about the tax return that we prepared for you, you would have 30-days to respond to the IRS or State. Don't panic. Please notify us by phone or e-mail. We would contact you and tell you how to send the letter to us. We would review it alongside the tax return that we prepared for you and advise you accordingly. If the issue can be resolved with a quick response to the IRS or State then our response to the IRS or State is FREE.

2) IRS or State Tax Audit: - If you are audited by the IRS or State, the Tax preparation fee you paid us does not include representation before the IRS or State. A separate fee will be charged if this service is required or deemed necessary. The Fee will be charged to you Credit Card or Bank Account at the time you request the service.

3) Amended Tax Return: - The fee to prepare an Individual Federal & State amended tax return is a Minimum of $450 if we prepared your original tax return; and a Minimum of $450 plus tax preparation fee if we didn't prepared your original tax return. The Fee will be charged to your Credit Card or Bank Account at the time you request the service.

4) Quarterly Estimated Tax:- If we prepare your current tax return and you owe Federal and or State income tax, four quarterly estimated payment tax forms will be prepared and given to you for FREEIn all other situation or instances the fee is $300.

5) Copy of your tax return: - We do not send copies of tax returns by fax or e-mail. We will give you a FREE copy of your tax return after your tax return has been e-filed and accepted by the IRS and State. If you request an additional copy during the preparation of your tax return, the fee for that extra copy is $50. If you request an additional copy be sent to you, the fee is $50 PLUS postage or shipping. The total Fee will be charged to your Credit Card or Bank Account at the time you request the service.

Thanks for your time; and thanks for doing business with Barry's Accounting Services, Corp.


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