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Operations Policy & Business History

What all clients (new, current, and former) must know before they decide to do business with us. This is in accordance with our Attorneys/Lawyers advice. You may disagree; but you know what to expect from us. Let's get to the specifics and keep it real:-


We will accommodate regular and new clients throughout the year (YEAR-ROUND). However, after April 15th clients must make an appointment. Assignment are completed quickly and accurately, regardless of  their complexity and changes in the tax laws. Written testimonials we obtained during our annual customers/clients surveys are overwhelmingly impressive.

*Focus Group:-We have recently added a small group of Customer Centric individuals from each industry that we serve to give us monthly update and feedback. They have indepth knowledge about our market segments and they are Straight-forward and Factually deep.They have a strong track record transforming their company and their industry.

*Our Responsibility:- We are responsible for preparing and e-filing your tax return to the IRS & State(s). You will be given ONE copy of the Federal and State(s) tax return, in accordance with IRS circular 230 rules. All your documents and records will be return to you for safekeeping in case the IRS or State decides to perform a routine check on your tax return, although our clients seldon get audited. If you receive a letter from the IRS or State DON'T throw it away. Please let us know by E-Mail; or you can leave Your Name, Phone Number, and a Brief Message on the Business Voice Mail. We will contact you and have you Fax or Mail the letter to us.

*Business Tax Returns:-According to the IRS & States tax laws, those tax returns are due on or before March 15. That is 2.5 months after the end of December. Therefore, Business Owners should send us their business information by March 01 because those tax returns take time to prepare and we may need additional information or have to do research to complete them. That is a reasonable request. Other Accountants are making similar request. Business owners are keeping business Income & Expenses on computer software and they update this data throughout the year (Jan. to Dec.) to help them operate an Efficient and Profitable business. Business Owners will be held liable for paying late filing fees to the IRS & State(s) if we received their information/documents after March 01.

2) What clients must do:- Clients must keep copies of their tax return for 10-years. It is the SOLE responsibility of every client to make copies of their tax return and give them to 3rd parties (Banks, Mortgage company, etc) if client is required to do so. Don't ask us to e-mail or fax your tax return to ANYBODY. We must abide by strict State & City consumers laws and the Federal/IRS circular 230 rules.

Sending documents:- Clients can continue to Fax their documents to us or they can pay their choice of courier (Fed-X, DHL, UPS and the Post-Office) and send us their tax documents. Clients will get CREDIT for REGULAR mailing expense (NOT for EXPRESS OR OVERNIGHT MAIL). We recommend that clients notify us the same day that they mail us their documents so we can track their arrival. We respect clients who are organized and who are cooperating with us to get the job done. We will honor our commitments under the law and we expect our clients to honor theirs.

4) Our Website & Webpages:- We provide services for clients in several industries. Each industry has its own webpage where we discuss issues that are akin to that industry. Clients should select the industry that they are involved with and click on the link to get access to the webpage and the "Industry-Specific" information.

Competitors:- We DON'T waste valuable time talking about competitors. They are NOT a Competitive Threat to us, and they are not paying us to promote them; so we don't know if they are alive. We are FOCUS on Promoting this business Nationwide and Obtaining and Retaining clients. Our Clients have all kinds of money and they thank God we had their backs. That is how we earn MONEY. That is what we care about. 

6) Telephone & Voicemail:- We expect ALL callers/clients to speak to us when we answer the phone, or leave a message on the firm's voicemail. Some callers/clients have adopted a habit of hanging up when we answer the phone; and they expect us to return their calls. Our business policy with regards to this situation is: "Calls  will not be returned to callers who hang up when we answer the phone; or didn't leave their name, telephone number, and the reason they are calling on our voice mail."
7) E-commerce (the internet and the world wide web):- Clients' data are stored in a Cyber Cabinet (remote access). This system helps us respond to clients request regardless of clients' time zones. This is also a business continuity plan to quickly recover from natural disasters. 
8) What clients must do if they have reasonable questions or have a problem with the work that we have done for them:- Please exercise your rights and call my office (718) 677- 4006 to speak to me, Clem Barry. However, response may be quicker if clients send me an e-mail at describing their concern. I take customer concerns VERY SERIOUSLY.

What clients should know about our  pricing policy:- Our fee is NOT based on the SIZE of their Income/Salary. It is an investment they make to minimize their taxes in addition to getting part of the fee back because it is tax deductible. The fee is based SOLELY on the WORK that we must do to meet each client's tax reporting requirement and obtain the largest/biggest benefit for each client while adhering to the rules and standards set by the IRS & State. Each client is charged on a Case-by-Case basis (Project-by-Project basis)  - it is a similar method used by Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, and Contractors. On small projects clients are charge a Flat Fee. On complex projects (Sale of Real-Estate and Business Advisory) they are charge a Fee that is based on result (Performance-based compensation). However, Clients have always gotten what they paid for and, in MANY cases, we have exceeded their expectations.


Monthly Services:- We spend most of our time and we focus most of our attention on clients who have monthly engagements/contracts with us. We provide Personal and Business solutions to help them resolve on-going problems; and we give them peace-of-mind. We can set up a monthly engagement with a new client after we hold a discussion with the client and evaluate the client's needs and continuous benefits we will provide. Clients like the synergy and they usually sign up immediately. Monthly services can range from one item to a combination of several items:- Personal Financial Planning, U.S. Taxation & Planning, International Taxation & Planning, Business Formation & Operation, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Planning & Operation. Clients pay the monthly fee with their check and/or credit card. An array of services are listed on our website.

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History of the business

(a) Established: Started in 1982 making house calls. Built from the ground up on a shoestring budget, hard work, long hours, passion, and resilience; and obtaining great results for clients without getting them in trouble with the IRS and States.
(b) Capitalization: Self-financed, no debt, strong working capital and contingency reserves. Tight money and operations policy and controls. No waste or extravagence. Expenses are cut to the bone without compromising/sacrificing the quality/level of service clients expect. Rigorous financial and operations oversights.
(c) Leadership: Visionary, obsessively-focus("hyper/lazer-focus"), consistently relevant and specific,  transparent, strategic, realistic, research-oriented, detail-oriented, result-oriented, reliable, hands-on; and in-depth knowledge about human behavior, the industries we serve, socio-economic issues, and international/global business operations.
(d) Critics: We have always listened to and benefitted from people who are ambitious, and have practical ALTERNATIVES and cost-effective solutions. Feedback from intelligent people is VERY important to us. However, we will not listen to; or become a pawn to critics who are just blowing smoke. This is a professional business. We don't get involve in Street Drama and Conflict of Interest; and we don't listen to Nonsense.Those things CAN'T bring us MONEY.
(e) Client demographics: Middle and High income Individuals and Businesses in 13 States in the U.S.A., and 5 Foreign Countries. Our Database shows they are comprised of: White 40%; Black 37%; Hispanic 10%; Indian 7% and Asian 6%. 
(f) Tax Returns & Results: Over 100,000 tax returns have been prepared in-house over 35 years amid the rapid changes in the tax laws. Clients have received a total of over $300 million in tax refunds. However, clients that didn't get a tax refund were happy they were paying less taxes than they had anticipated/predicted they would pay.
(g) Client Acquisition (How we obtain customers): Direct mailing from our exclusive database; clients searching on Google and other search engines; Public speaking & writing, Trade & Fashion shows, Music & Films festivals/awards,  Business Forums; Professional referrals services; and business contracts renewal from successful individuals and established companies.
(h) Clients' satisfaction: Testimonials we have received during our annnual clients' surveys are overwhelmingly impressive. We have a GREAT working relationship with everybody. We have 99% to 100% client retention and many new clients every year. In fact, some clients who had left and went elsewhere have come back to us. That is the nature of EVERY market-driven industry.
(i) Rating: A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Registered with the IRS; Registered in 50-States; and registered with Dunn & Bradstreet.

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